Not Yet Goodbye

Writing this blog was a lot different than I thought it would be.

Coming up with new ideas weekly, trying to stay within required boundaries, and the biggest thing, that I didn’t realize, is that you have to develop an audience. I don’t know if I thought people were just going to be waiting for me to start my blog, or that people just went around finding kindness blogs. That was probably the hardest part for me. I would write a really heartfelt blog post then look at my stats a few days later and see I have two views, then it says that one person viewed twice… so it was probably just me.

I learned a lot about myself. I knew I loved spreading kindness and bringing positivity, but I never knew now much it meant to me until I started writing about it. Thats the crazy thing about passions, you may not know you’re so passionate about it until you completely emerge yourself in it.



I hope to continue this blog. I have gotten such a positive response and I only think my blog could get better and stronger.


This isn’t goodbye, Its a see-you-soon!




Hello Friends! In honor of Thanksgiving next week, I am going to show you ways to give back this holiday season!

I love thanksgiving because it gives you an excuse to tell people how much they mean to you and how thankful you are for them (you should do that everyday, but if you don’t heres your chance!)


This one is super easy, so I want everyone to take part!

I went to my local Fresh and Easy Market and purchased food that I donated to homeless shelter. It was easy as pie! (Get it? 😉 )


I got sweet potatoes, corn, string beans and other canned vegetables!

IMG_3545 IMG_3546

IMG_3547 IMG_3548It was so simple! I bought the food, and just put it in the donation box! It may seem like just a small amount of food, but like I always say

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness” -Scott Adams

I know other grocery stores have the same program, so check out your local store and donate, even if its just a few cans!

Another thing I did (because I always have to do a craft) was THANKFUL TURKEYS!


I just took some construction paper and made little turkeys.

I left one on my RA's board as a surprise!

I left one on my RA’s board as a surprise!


Even though she told me my turkeys look like eggs, I'll keep her on here....

Even though she told me my turkeys look like eggs, I’ll keep her on here….

I gave more to a lot of others, but I didn’t get pictures.

Even if you don’t want to make paper turkeys (why would you not???) tell someone you’re thankful for them!

I am thankful for YOU! If you’re reading my blog, I am thankful that you are too trying to find ways to put kindness into your life. I am so grateful ❤

Have a happy Thanksgiving! XOXO


Everyday Kindness

Hello Friends!

This week I am going to give you simple ideas on ways you can be kind!


Help a child learn. Volunteer at a local school, or a boys and girls club. Helping children is one of the most rewarding experiences!


Return a shopping cart. Just think of the person who is in charge of bringing in all the carts and how much easier you made their job.


Help someone for free. Someone needs help bringing in groceries? Needs help mowing their lawn? Help them out for nothing in return.


Hold a door open for someone. Its simply common curtsy!


Donate used books to the library. Many people don’t have access to books due to financial situations. Help nurture an education!

pooh tigger piglet reading


Pick up trash. Not your own trash, but just some trash laying on the ground. Its kind to mother earth!


Be a designated driver. I’m in college, I know people like to go out. I am always the driver because Drunk Driving is very dangerous.

The Designated Driver Program


Thank someone. Thank person who gives you your drink at starbucks, a bus driver, or a mailman.


Make a new friend. Introduce yourself to a stranger, and start a conversation! You never know what kind of people you will come across!


“A little kindness from person to person is better than a vast love for all humankind.” -Richard Dehmel

Go out there show the world your kind heart! ❤

Baking with Love

Hello Friends!

This week I did something near and dear to me:

My roommates and I made cookies for the people that work in our dorm building. Our inspiration was the cutest elderly woman who is in our hall every morning with the biggest smile without fail. We wanted to thank her because she works in a college dorm and we thought she doesn’t get the thanks she deserves!

This inspired us to also make cookies for our Resident Director, the greeter at the Cafeteria, and shuttle drivers.

My adorable Roommates <3

My adorable Roommates ❤

Monster Cookies!

Monster Cookies!

photo 4

They got Fran's seal of approval

They got Franesca’s seal of approval

“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference.” -Helen James

These people aren’t thanked as much as they should. The people we gave cookies to do so much for me , my friends and my community. Thank someone this week that doesn’t get the thanks he/she needs. Such as a Mailman/woman, trash truck drivers, teachers, coworkers, just about anyone!

This week I have a special request. The beauty line, Lancome, is donating $1 to Saint Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee for every heart picture posted on Instagram or Twitter (example below). St. Jude has a special place in my heart, so make your hands into a heart and post your picture! Use the hashtag #LancomeGivesBack.


Go out and spread the love ❤

Kindness Bee Attack!

Hello Friends!

This week in the city I live in there was bee attack!

Well not an actual bee attack, but my neighborhood was attacked  by a swarm of kindness bees.  I rode my bike (with my roommate- shoutout to Melissa for her help!) to what is called the “The Orange Circle”.  A very popular place for college students and the surrounding areas.

I made little cards with bees on them. The Bees say “Be silly, be honest, be kind” a quote by Ralph Emerson. I took these bees and put them all around the circle.  I also put them around my college dorm while everyone was in class.

My first bee on someones bike :)

My first bee on someones bike 🙂

IMG_2685 IMG_2683 IMG_2681 IMG_2680 IMG_2676

Newspapers at Starbucks

Newspapers at Starbucks

IMG_2684 IMG_2696 IMG_2695 IMG_2693 IMG_2692

Can you find the bee? :)

Can you find the bee? 🙂

IMG_2686 IMG_2698 IMG_2697

I like doing acts of kindness where people don’t know who is behind the act.  When I see people who like the act, it makes it feel just that much more “worth it”.

This week do something nice for someone anonymously. Leave an encouraging note for your coworkers, or your family or a friend or even a note on a random trash can in the middle of a busy area.

I want to thank for this wonderful idea!

Now, go out there and be wonderful XOXO

Quote of the Day!

Hello Friends! I don’t know if you noticed but I have a lovely “Quote of the Day” page above.
I love today’s quote. I feel like it’s something everyone should read and think about applying it into your life.

I’m going to post it here too, for easier access 🙂

I hope you check out the Quote of the Day for your daily dose of kindness. XOXO


Side Effects of Kindness

Hello Friends!


There is a disorder that not to many people are familiar with. It’s called Kindness. Kindness is a disease that can contaminate anyone! Do not be alarmed, but read on to see if you may of been bitten by the kindness bug.


-Being nice to people

-Participating in Random Acts of Kindness

-Smiling at others


Side Effects of Kindness:

1. Happiness

When one is kind, the brain releases more morphine and heroine which we call endogenous opioids. They elevate dopamine, which makes us feel happy. So it may seem like you’re just doing good deeds, but you’re really making your body happy.

2. Healthy Hearts

After being kind, your body will produce oxytocin. Oxytocin is a neuromodulater which releases nitric oxide which expands blood vessels. It protects your heart by lowering your blood pressure. So it makes your heart feel good, and it can make you healthier!

3. Slows Aging

Oxytocin also reduces levels of free radicals and inflammation which slows down the aging process.

4. Better Relationships

People are connected on a deeper level when they both show kindness. Kindness is a “bonding” mechanism, and they feel closer, quicker.

*BEWARE: Kindness is VERY CONTAGIOUS. So you could be the next infected!


I hope you all get infected with the kindness bug! xoxo :)

Kindness at School

Hello Friends!
This week I wanted to talk about kindness in a school setting.

A study done by the National Center for Education Statistics in 2010 revealed about one in seven students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade is either a bully or has been a victim of bullying.

I am a college student, I know bullying doesn’t end when you exit High School. Bullying continues in the work place, in social environments, and its something that needs to be stopped. I am going to give you little tips on how to spread kindness, and prevent bullying from a college student perspective.

1. Smile

It may seem silly, but a simple smile can brighten up anyones day. Maybe nobody has smiled at that specific person today. I challenge you to smile at 3 strangers next time you’re walking on campus (or around your own neighborhood). If you’re up for a mega challenge, smile at every person you pass.


2. Sit with someone new

This tip is mainly for students who eat in the cafeteria, or in a social setting like a student union. If you see someone sitting alone (and they aren’t doing something important like studying or on a phone call), introduce your self and make a new friend.


3. Compliment

If you see someone wearing new cool shoes, tell them you like their shoes! Find ways to compliment people as much as you can, everyone feels better when someone says something nice about them.


4. Be Respectful

Sometimes you just don’t agree with someones point of view or you don’t like a choice they make, but there is a respectful way to go about telling them. Its also not respectful to run yelling down a hallway a night or steal someone else’s belongings. If you follow the general rule be respectful in college (or in any setting) you can go far.


5. Be Helpful

If you see someone trip down the stairs, help them up. See someone coming in the door behind you, hold it open for them. If you’re friend is struggling in a class,offer tohelp them study. There are so many ways to be helpful!


These are just 5 ways to help spread kindness. There are so many more, but these are the ones I find most important. Kindness is so important, especially in a school setting. If every college student follows these 5 easy rules i feel like college could be a better place.

I want to finish by saying, if you are a victim of bullying, talk to someone. A school psychologist (Yes, even colleges have them), a faculty member, for hall bullying a Resident Director, or even a close friend. Bullies need to be stopped, and if victims all stay voiceless, the bullies will continue to bully. And if you witness bullying, stop it. It may sound worthless but over 56% of all students have witnessed a bullying crime take place at their school but a very low percent do anything to stop it. The most obvious way is to intervene in the situation, but there are times it could be harmful to intervene. Talk to the victim and talk to someone else of higher status that I mentioned earlier.

“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Go spread some kindness today, and together we can end bullying! One smile at a time 🙂

P.S hope you liked my pictures!

Love Letters

Hello Friends!

Im excited to share with you today our first Random Act of Kindness; love letters. What I did is I wrote out a bunch of little cards with nice sayings and motivational words.  (See Below) I took the cards and put them on the doors of my neighbors.

IMG_2160Just a few of the cards I wrote

I live in a dorm, so it easy to put notes on doors and if you live in an apartment, it won’t be too difficult to find neighbors.

Variations: People who live in houses or places that are more spread out, you can put nice notes in mailboxes. You could put notes on carts at stores when they walk away, on car windows, the ideas are endless! I like to stay anonymous because its about doing it to feel good, not for your own personal fame; unless you’re purposely writing a note to a friend.

I also did Bursts of Sunshines to leave and give to friends. (See Below)


This idea is so fun because you get to make someones day, “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end” -Scott Adams (1957)

This week’s Happy Thought for you to think about is from the book “The Politics of Happiness” by Derek Bok. k9107

Bok discusses how what we think brings us happiness may not actually bring us any long term happiness. The number one thing people believe will bring us happiness is money. Yes, winning the lottery will bring you short term happiness, but after a while, your happiness “level” will become the same as it was before you won.

The real things that can bring you happiness are,  “having close relationships with family and friends, helping others, and being active in community, charitable and political activities.” (Bok 205)

So my challenge for you this week, tell a friend or a family member you love them by either calling them or sending them a love note. Also, tell someone you’re not as close with, something nice and encouraging.

Be the sunshine in someone else’s day! XOXO



Hello friends and welcome to my blog! My name is Amanda I am excited to start my blogging journey with you!

The inspiration for my blog came from my family and from my roommates. I grew up doing whatever I could to make others happy. My parents motivated me to help others, to be friendly and kind. I grew up doing girl scouts and volunteering with my Mom. In elementary school I participated every volunteering opportunity given to me, and I think that really helped shape the person I am today.

My roommate inspired another aspect of my blog. One afternoon at the beach my roommate did a random act of kindness by putting money in a expired meter. We soon later realized the meters stopped charging at 5 pm and it was 6:15 pm. Her selflessness, even though probably wasn’t as helpful as she thought, gave me the inspiration to add a random act of kindness part to my blog.

What is a random act of kindness? Glad you asked. According to Wikipedia; “A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual person or people. Either spontaneous or planned, random acts of kindness are encouraged by various communities”. So my plan with this blog is to share ideas of random acts of kindness you can participate in, spread kindness and finally share some information about the “science of happiness”. 🙂

Here is something for you to think about for the week:

Stumbling_on_HappinessIn the book “Stumbling on Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert he says “Feelings just don’t matter- they are what mattering means” (Gilbert 71). I spent time reflecting on this quote and what it means. I believe feelings are not just these little things that come and go, your entire existence is just a compilation of feelings. If you think of your feelings as your happiness. it is not just a thing that will come around every once and a while, Your entire life is circled around your happiness. It should be your goal in life to be as happy as you can be.

Now go dazzle the world with your brilliance! XOXO