Love Letters

Hello Friends!

Im excited to share with you today our first Random Act of Kindness; love letters. What I did is I wrote out a bunch of little cards with nice sayings and motivational words.  (See Below) I took the cards and put them on the doors of my neighbors.

IMG_2160Just a few of the cards I wrote

I live in a dorm, so it easy to put notes on doors and if you live in an apartment, it won’t be too difficult to find neighbors.

Variations: People who live in houses or places that are more spread out, you can put nice notes in mailboxes. You could put notes on carts at stores when they walk away, on car windows, the ideas are endless! I like to stay anonymous because its about doing it to feel good, not for your own personal fame; unless you’re purposely writing a note to a friend.

I also did Bursts of Sunshines to leave and give to friends. (See Below)


This idea is so fun because you get to make someones day, “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end” -Scott Adams (1957)

This week’s Happy Thought for you to think about is from the book “The Politics of Happiness” by Derek Bok. k9107

Bok discusses how what we think brings us happiness may not actually bring us any long term happiness. The number one thing people believe will bring us happiness is money. Yes, winning the lottery will bring you short term happiness, but after a while, your happiness “level” will become the same as it was before you won.

The real things that can bring you happiness are,  “having close relationships with family and friends, helping others, and being active in community, charitable and political activities.” (Bok 205)

So my challenge for you this week, tell a friend or a family member you love them by either calling them or sending them a love note. Also, tell someone you’re not as close with, something nice and encouraging.

Be the sunshine in someone else’s day! XOXO



4 thoughts on “Love Letters

  1. Such a cute idea! I love little acts of kindness like these because they are such an easy to do but can really make someones day! I would love to see more ideas like this one! I really enjoy the quotes that you incorporate into your posts because they really give power to your posts. Great job! Your blog is great inspiration to make everyday a little brighter!
    A quote i really love is “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

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