Side Effects of Kindness

Hello Friends!


There is a disorder that not to many people are familiar with. It’s called Kindness. Kindness is a disease that can contaminate anyone! Do not be alarmed, but read on to see if you may of been bitten by the kindness bug.


-Being nice to people

-Participating in Random Acts of Kindness

-Smiling at others


Side Effects of Kindness:

1. Happiness

When one is kind, the brain releases more morphine and heroine which we call endogenous opioids. They elevate dopamine, which makes us feel happy. So it may seem like you’re just doing good deeds, but you’re really making your body happy.

2. Healthy Hearts

After being kind, your body will produce oxytocin. Oxytocin is a neuromodulater which releases nitric oxide which expands blood vessels. It protects your heart by lowering your blood pressure. So it makes your heart feel good, and it can make you healthier!

3. Slows Aging

Oxytocin also reduces levels of free radicals and inflammation which slows down the aging process.

4. Better Relationships

People are connected on a deeper level when they both show kindness. Kindness is a “bonding” mechanism, and they feel closer, quicker.

*BEWARE: Kindness is VERY CONTAGIOUS. So you could be the next infected!


I hope you all get infected with the kindness bug! xoxo :)


8 thoughts on “Side Effects of Kindness

  1. At first, I thought this was just going to be a cute blog that says to be kind and nice all the time. The piece that surprised me and that I enjoyed most was that you used actual medical/psychological terms for each part of your writing. I definitely can appreciate the educational aspect to this blog and I think this greatly distinguishes your blog from others. Also, I like the humor aspect of the blog how being kind is some kind of sickness/disease and has side effects.

  2. Amanda, your blog, especially this post, makes me smile. I open the link to your blog and you’re format is so visually pleasing that i just start off with a smile. Then the way you make me interested in your article is throught the urgent message because i want to know what is so urgent. Great, great blog

  3. Amanda, I had to read this post over at least 4 times before I realized that It was really a blog post (I mean that in an entirely positive way!). This has got to be one of the most inspiring and happy blogs I’ve read. Super cool and entirely original!

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