Kindness Bee Attack!

Hello Friends!

This week in the city I live in there was bee attack!

Well not an actual bee attack, but my neighborhood was attacked  by a swarm of kindness bees.  I rode my bike (with my roommate- shoutout to Melissa for her help!) to what is called the “The Orange Circle”.  A very popular place for college students and the surrounding areas.

I made little cards with bees on them. The Bees say “Be silly, be honest, be kind” a quote by Ralph Emerson. I took these bees and put them all around the circle.  I also put them around my college dorm while everyone was in class.

My first bee on someones bike :)

My first bee on someones bike 🙂

IMG_2685 IMG_2683 IMG_2681 IMG_2680 IMG_2676

Newspapers at Starbucks

Newspapers at Starbucks

IMG_2684 IMG_2696 IMG_2695 IMG_2693 IMG_2692

Can you find the bee? :)

Can you find the bee? 🙂

IMG_2686 IMG_2698 IMG_2697

I like doing acts of kindness where people don’t know who is behind the act.  When I see people who like the act, it makes it feel just that much more “worth it”.

This week do something nice for someone anonymously. Leave an encouraging note for your coworkers, or your family or a friend or even a note on a random trash can in the middle of a busy area.

I want to thank for this wonderful idea!

Now, go out there and be wonderful XOXO


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