Baking with Love

Hello Friends!

This week I did something near and dear to me:

My roommates and I made cookies for the people that work in our dorm building. Our inspiration was the cutest elderly woman who is in our hall every morning with the biggest smile without fail. We wanted to thank her because she works in a college dorm and we thought she doesn’t get the thanks she deserves!

This inspired us to also make cookies for our Resident Director, the greeter at the Cafeteria, and shuttle drivers.

My adorable Roommates <3

My adorable Roommates ❤

Monster Cookies!

Monster Cookies!

photo 4

They got Fran's seal of approval

They got Franesca’s seal of approval

“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference.” -Helen James

These people aren’t thanked as much as they should. The people we gave cookies to do so much for me , my friends and my community. Thank someone this week that doesn’t get the thanks he/she needs. Such as a Mailman/woman, trash truck drivers, teachers, coworkers, just about anyone!

This week I have a special request. The beauty line, Lancome, is donating $1 to Saint Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee for every heart picture posted on Instagram or Twitter (example below). St. Jude has a special place in my heart, so make your hands into a heart and post your picture! Use the hashtag #LancomeGivesBack.


Go out and spread the love ❤


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